Work Life

Harvest Money loves entrepreneurs! And small business owners! And big business owners! And people that work for all of the above!

Here are a few of the ways we seek to serve those who work:

Personal Financial Planning: We can help you take a look at your personal finances… Do they reflect your goals? Do you know where your money is going? Is what you’re doing financially wise? Are you able to see, on a regular basis and in an easily accessible way, how you are doing?

To accomplish this, we use our 25 years experience working with all kinds of people… young, middle aged and mature… struggling, middle class and affluent. We couple this with a set of tools and technology appropriate for your circumstances. Then we deliver advice and services in a way that works for you… at our office or yours… in your home… at a mutually agreed upon place (I like Crossroads atruim)… or over the web.

Business Financial Coaching, Accounting, Tax and Payroll: Many a business has been tripped up by poor financial management. Through our own services and strategic partnerships, we can help you assess whether you are ready, help create and manage an accounting process and deal with all types of taxes. Focus on what you do best… creating and running your business.

Investing, Insurance, Employee Benefits: Got the right insurance coverage for you and your family? How about your business? Do you have a plan to save and invest your 401k, IRA’s and other hard-earned money? Understand the health insurance and retirement plan options? We can help.

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