Source of our Success

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Lately there has been accusation and positioning around where success comes from. One “side” states successful people and businesses didn’t “get there on their own” and got help from teachers, mentors and notably the government. The other “side” fires back that this is dead wrong, that American hard work and ingenuity are responsible for success. […]

This is Affordable Care?

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I’m no expert on national health care policy and that includes our new health care reform, known as the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. I am, however a licensed health insurance agent as well as a consumer of health insurance. Here is my first experience with delivering health insurance since ACA was passed. I am […]

Real numbers behind the tax policy debate.

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Today’s Wall Street Journal has a salient, balanced article by David Wessel on the debate over tax policy- “The Numbers Inside a Hot-Button Issue”. In the political arena, fairness in tax policy is talked about as if it is a definable, achievable goal which should be obvious if only the masses can be educated by […]

We’re all the same…

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But don’t be fooled by the radio The TV or the magazines They show you photographs of how your life should be But they’re just someone else’s fantasy So if you think your life is complete confusion Because you never win the game Just remember that it’s a Grand illusion And deep inside we’re all […]