Invest in Many Ventures

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  Up to the May 18 Facebook IPO the investment and technology worlds were abuzz over the investment merits of Facebook. Not since the dotcom days of the late 90’s and early 2000’s have we seen such rampant and some might say “irrational exuberance” (remember Alan Greenspan?). A $100 billion valuation was projected by some […]

Source of our Success

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Lately there has been accusation and positioning around where success comes from. One “side” states successful people and businesses didn’t “get there on their own” and got help from teachers, mentors and notably the government. The other “side” fires back that this is dead wrong, that American hard work and ingenuity are responsible for success. […]

The Financial River

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Many people just float along financially, living paycheck to paycheck, making payments, maybe saving or investing but lacking any real goal or direction. Even people of significant means often have no real purpose or plan driving their financial life. In both cases they are like a leaf floating down a river. Sometimes the current gets […]

Black Friday- Patriotic duty to spend money?

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The frenzy called Black Friday¬†amazes me. I really don’t have an issue with celebrating the holiday season, doing fun stuff, having nice things or strengthening our economy. I’m for all of these things. But when the lead story on local and national news is about spending money as if it is patriotic duty to support […]

Fear and Security

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Unless you live in a cave its pretty hard to ignore all the financial news lately. S&P downgrades U.S. Treasury bond ratings. Big stock market drop last Thursday followed by a volatile market again on Friday. Sovereign debt issues in Europe. Political wrangling over a ballooning national debt. Persistently high unemployment. Food and other shortages […]

Pride and Money

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Ever made a financial decision based on something other than prayerful inquiry, solid reasoning and purposeful research? I have. Many times. You see, even though I have 25 years experience as a financial advisor, complete with fancy degrees, licenses and professional designations, I still sometimes make financial decisions based on spur of the moment emotion. […]