Welcome to Harvest Money! My goal is to help you make sound financial management decisions, plan for the future, save and spend prudently, give wisely and generously… in short, become a great steward of the resources entrusted to you. Many people just float along financially, living paycheck to paycheck, making payments, maybe saving or investing but lacking any real goal or direction. Even people of significant means often have no real purpose or plan driving their financial life.

Leaf on river

In both cases they are like a leaf floating down a river. Sometimes the current gets faster and the leaf is pulled underwater, shredded or pushed to the side. Other times there are currentless areas or hydraulics within the current where the leaf may become hung up and stop moving forward. People can be like this in their financial lives.


There is another way. Instead of being like the leaf, you can be like a skilled kayaker, navigating the current, using appropriate gear and having an end goal in mind… to fully and joyfully experience the river.

At Harvest Money we provide advice, education, training, tools, services and products to help you become a skilled “captain of your financial vessel”. We help you clarify life objectives and priorities and translate these into financial plans and actions. We then help you to stay accountable to your plan and adjust it as life circumstances and desires change. The result is a move toward sound stewardship practices around the resources entrusted to you.

Harvest Money… Invest Your Faith.







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